Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How to Build a Compassion Bridge with Your Intent & Action

Build a bridge across uncertainty by digging into what you believe and what I believe without judging or assuming. Let’s reach out with the intent to understand one another while honoring one another’s right to non-violently disagree. 

Build a bridge across divisiveness by deeply anchoring into our humanness — those parts of us that we hold in common and that are powered by compassion. Let’s acknowledge our fears and judgments that stop us from being a welcoming presence of community.

Build a bridge across mistrust by changing the “I am out to get you” culture to an “I am listening to understand” one. Let’s withhold judgment, not defend our positions, and realize that maybe we aren’t 100% right and the other 100% wrong. 

Build a bridge across vested interest by recognizing that we do not need to have everything to live in abundance — that there is enough for all. Let’s recognize the wrongness of our fear that sharing might trigger scarcity in our life; instead, let’s create a world where we might not have everything but everyone has enough. 

Build a bridge across suffering by agreeing that when we suffer it isn’t because of personal frailty or because we deserve it. Let’s own our personal darkness so that we can shine the light of compassion on the darkness of suffering — ours, another’s, and the collective suffering. 

Bridge across fractured souls by realizing that our wounds are what separate us — our suffering blinds us to the suffering of others. Let’s empower our healing hearts and touch one another with our compassionate souls.

Build a bridge across the possible by living with courage and curious daring — be our best self while encouraging others to be theirs. Let’s stop limiting who we are and what we can accomplish through compassion. Let’s believe that the impossible just might be possible when we work together.  

Build a bridge of intent and action across the illusions that separates us by creating a new paradigm of compassion where nothing is loss and everything is gained. Let’s accept that on the bridge our spirit is never diminished, our suffering is alleviated, and we live abundantly because compassion is our lived experience.

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Vanessa F. Hurst, ms, is a Mindful Coach, Compassion Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Author who weaves her inner wisdom into all she touches. Vanessa offers Neural Synchrony™ sessions to assist clients in navigating their life paths with intuition.  Contact Vanessa @ vanessa@intentandaction.com 

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