Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Snow Storm vs. Spring’s Green

Just when I thought Spring had arrived, it started to snow. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I turned my face to the sun and felt Spring’s gentle breeze soothe the burn from my cheeks? Then, out of nowhere, the snow started to fall obliterating Spring’s promise. 

I chuckled without joy for life is like that. We are so close to a new beginning, a new flowering in our life, that we cannot help but be disappointed in the setback brought on by a snowstorm. At first, we might hunker down watching the huge, wet flakes coat the world. We might even venture into the snow and allow our self to be coated in the wet messiness. But, the snow obliterates the promise of Spring.  And, it is difficult to get past the worry of yet another setback.

Eventually we grab our snow shovel and begin to dig our self out. We can move the snow in one of two ways: we can power through the snow totally focused on completing the task or we can mindfully, shovel by shovel, clear our path while enjoying those moments of messy snow removal. 

How do you meet the challenge of an unexpected snowfall? Me? Well, at first I am overwhelmed by the storm that disrupts my careful planning. But, then, that little voice inside me suggests that what I view as a calamity is just a minor irritation. I breathe to calm and center myself. I remind myself that it is the destination not the journey that is important. Instead of seeing the snowfall as a daunting obstacle complete with a cold breeze and wet fluffy flakes, I see the glint of possibility in each unique snowflake. 

This journey through the storm is not without obstacles. To navigate through the storm’s commotion we need humility, vulnerability, curious daring, and courage. Humbly, we clear our path without expectations. We are open to what debris might be hidden under the snowfall and vulnerable to the change it brings. With curious daring we uncover the path and courageously confront whatever we find. Instead of the falling snow being an obstacle it is an opportunity.

Yes, it is snowing — I vow not only to clear the path, but to enjoy the journey as I do it. I am making a snow angel, building a snow fort, and readying for a snowball fight while being aware of the spring greens poking up  through winter’s last challenge….or so I hope. Our perspective is the first step toward radical transformation. 

Vanessa F. Hurst, ms, is a Mindful Coach, Neural Synchrony™ facilitator, Professional Speaker, and Author who weaves her inner wisdom into all she touches. Vanessa assists clients in navigating their life paths with intuition. Her books are A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships and Engaging Compassion Through Intent & Action. Contact Vanessa @ vanessa@intentandaction.com for keynotes, programs, and consultations.

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