Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Intuitive Awareness: Heart-Soul Perception

The world we live in is amazing. When we get stuck in the routine of the day, we miss opportunities to see the wonder. By listening with the ears of our heart and seeing through the eyes of our soul, we move beyond the mundane. With a shift of perception we are propelled into the extraordinary.  Through this heart-soul perception, we access our inner wisdom — our intuition. 

Now, I can almost see the creaking door of denial edging shut. I can almost feel that denial rising from the depth of being. I hear some of you say, “Me? I am not intuitive.” But, intuition, whether conscious or unconscious, is the chief navigator of our life. Throughout the day we respond to our intuition in ways that we may not even be aware.

How do we move from unconsciously reacting to intentionally responding with our intuition? By accepting that we are intuitive, identifying intuitive cues, deciphering the meaning of our inner wisdom, and responding to the received message with gentle love. These 4-steps are not linear; rather, each is occurs at any point in the cycle of evolving intuitive awareness. 

Accepting: Acknowledge that you are intuitive. You fall some where along the intuitive awareness continuum. Accept that no matter where you fall upon the continuum, you are evolving as you gain additional intuitive skills. Perhaps your abilities are not as physically evident as another’s. You may not see auras or hear voices. This does not mean that you are not psychically connected to your intuition. Your intuition may manifest in ways you are not aware. It often is an inner knowing that rises into your consciousness.

Try: Each morning when you wake, affirm, “I am intuitive. My intuition makes itself known to me at least three times today.” Then notice how it manifests. Make notes how your received your inner knowing and the message.

Identifying: Sometimes we receive information without being aware of how our inner knowing informs our actions. It may present in the words of a friend or a physical reaction in the body. Unless we are mindful, we miss these intuitive cues. When we are mindfully aware, we are better able to identify the cues of our inner wisdom. 

Try: Close your eyes and attend to your breathing. With each inhale, bring your breath deeper into your body until you are taking belly breaths. As your breath travels throughout your body, notice any sensations. Are there messages in those sensations? Open your eyes. Let your awareness go to where it needs to go. Note what your are drawn to. 

Deciphering: At times we get information that seems to be more of a distraction and less of an intuitive knowing. Or, we may recognize a nudge but have no idea what is it telling us. Instead of negating or ignoring the message we receive, we remain objective and openminded to any information. With this stance, we are better able to increase our awareness and decode the message. It becomes easier to recognize additional cues.

Try: When you recognize an intuitive message, ask yourself what it is saying. If you are unsure, look up the word’s definition, consult a dream dictionary, or look up the symbolic meaning. Ask for additional information. Listen to the words of another to discern the meaning of your inner knowing. I also journal to find meaning. There is no right or wrong way to uncover the meaning of your inner wisdom. Deciphering takes practice.

Respond: Every intuitive nudge we receive requires a response. It might mean being loving and gentle even when you feel like reacting in harsh and cruel ways. Our response is fashioned through asking, “How is the inner wisdom requiring me to act?” Our answer is an echo of our authentic self. And, each time we respond instead of react, our connection to our intuition strengthens.

Try: Name an intuitive morsel you have deciphered. Ask yourself, “How am I called to respond?” (Even if you are unable to answer this question definitively, respond to the best of your ability. It is not that you are lacking in intuition. You might not have all the information needed to decipher the message). Our intuition guides us into the most loving, gentle response. It powers our honest response in difficult situations. We have only to trust.

Intuitive awareness is not for the faint hearted. It requires courage, trust, and curious daring. When we connect with our intuition, we peer into the extraordinary world. We see the amazing and are given opportunities to respond in loving, gentle, transformative ways. Through our inner wisdom we are not longer stuck within the chaos; we journey the path of transformation.  

Vanessa F. Hurst, ms, is a Mindful Coach, Compassion Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Author who weaves her inner wisdom into all she touches. Vanessa offers Neural Synchronysessions to assist clients in navigating their life paths with intuition.  Contact Vanessa @ hurst.vanessa@gmail.com 

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